10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Moving Firm in UAE

10 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Moving Firm in UAE

Moving is one of the toughest tasks to do, especially if you move from one place to another. There are many people who have tried moving but only a few succeed in doing so successfully without breaking anything. You will get lots of questions about movers and packers when you need their services for shifting your goods from one place to another. You should know about their services before deciding on choosing them for your move.

Here are the 10 important questions to ask yourself while hiring a moving company anywhere in the world:

  1. Type of Materials Used by the Moving Company
  2. How Do They Charge Their services?
  3. How Do They Calculate the Volume of the Items To Be Shifted?
  4. The Cost of Shifting Items?
  5. What Types of Vehicles do They Use?
  6. What Do They Include In the Insurance Policy?
  7. Any Insurance Coverage?
  8. Do I Need To Pack Myself or They Will Do It For Me?
  9. Will They Provide Packing Material? What’s the Cost?
  10. Do They Have a Transit Plan For Your Goods During Transportation?

1. Type of Materials Used by the Moving Company

There are several types of materials used by movers and packers in Dubai:

A. Packing Material

This is a material that’s used to protect your items during transport, like bubble wrap or cardboard boxes. It can also be used to protect delicate pieces of artwork, furniture, or electronics from damage during transit.

B. Wrapping Paper or Plastic Film

This is another kind of packaging material that’s often used for wrapping fragile items such as glassware. You may also see it referred to as “packing tape.”

C. Labeling Tape/Marking, Pen/Tags/Labels

These are labels that help identify the contents inside each box so they’re easier for movers and packers who unpack them later on down the road!

2. How Do They Charge Their services?

Movers & Packers company be charged by the weight of your goods. If you have a large amount of furniture, they may charge more than those who only have one or two pieces. The packers and movers in Dubai can also charge according to the volume of each piece, as well as its distance from their warehouse to yours.

The size and number of items can also affect prices; for example, if you have a large sofa set but it’s not too heavy-duty then it won’t cost much (734 AED), whereas if it was made out of wood instead then it would probably cost more (1100-1500 AED).

3. How Do They Calculate the Volume of the Items To Be Shifted?

The movers and packers will measure the volume of the items to be shifted. The mover will use a formula to calculate the volume, which is based on the weight of each item and its size. The scale used for measuring weight can only measure up to 45 kilograms, so if you have large or heavy items in your move then it’s best to ask for help from someone who knows what they’re doing!

The length, width, and height measurements are taken using a device called a tape measure or laser distance measurement machine (Lambda). This method allows you to get an accurate reading without having too much room around them (like when measuring boxes) so that everything stays neat behind glass walls before loading into trucks or vans!

4. The Cost of Shifting Items?

The cost of moving items is one of the most important factors that you should consider when moving. It’s not just about how much it will cost, but also how that money can be used effectively. There are several factors that determine the price tag of your relocation:

  • How many items do you have to move?
  • Where are those items going?
  • How long does this move take?

There are two main ways to calculate how much moving services cost: by weight or size. The first option involves calculating how many kilograms per cubic foot something weighs and dividing that number by 10 (which converts it into Kilograms).

This method works well if there are only a few boxes or suitcases involved; however, it doesn’t account for any furniture or other large objects like pianos or microwaves—which means they’ll need their own separate estimates!

The second way is based on volume measurements instead; this method allows us to take into account things like furniture sizes along with other bulky objects like pianos and microwaves without having them count against our final total.”

5. What Types of Vehicles do They Use?

A. Size of the Vehicle

A smaller truck is more likely to cause damage while moving fragile items, so it’s important to choose one with plenty of space. For example, if you have a small house and are moving some furniture and heavy appliances (like an oven), then it’s better not to use your big truck because there won’t be enough clearance between the sides of your vehicle and those things you’re trying to move around.

B. How Many Vehicles are Used?

Some movers may use two or three trucks at once in order to go faster while still being able to handle all their jobs efficiently; however, this strategy can become very costly over time if they don’t have enough manpower available on-site or waiting offsite for pickup orders from customers like yourself!

C. What Kind/Type of Materials Do They Use?

Movers will often use blankets stacked up inside containers filled with dry ice—this helps keep items cool during transport without having them get too cold during long drives across town! They’ll also often pack fragile items like glassware into boxes made out of cardboard instead since less care needs to be taken when handling such fragile objects since they won’t break under normal conditions like dropping onto concrete floors etcetera.”

6. What Do They Include In the Insurance Policy?

The insurance policy covers the cost of damage to your belongings during transport. It also includes reimbursement for lost or stolen items, as well as compensation for any financial losses you incur because of a claim made against your insurer.

The main part of this coverage is called “loss indemnity”, which means that if something happens to one of your belongings while in transit, and it was covered by their policy (for example: if someone steals them), then they will pay out money so that you can get replacements without paying anything extra out-of-pocket.

This is important because sometimes movers may charge extra fees when they move your items from one place to another; however, with loss indemnity included in their rental agreements, this won’t happen!

7. Any Insurance Coverage?

There are a few things that you should know before hiring a mover or packer. First, insurance coverage is not cheap. A typical policy will cover items from clothing to furniture and electronics. However, there are some exclusions that can cost extra money if you need them covered.

For example, if your items are damaged by water damage or fire damage then this will void any insurance coverage for those items.

If you have questions about whether your possessions are covered under the terms of your contract with us then please contact us directly so we can help clarify what exactly is covered under our policies!

8. Do I Need To Pack Myself or They Will Do It For Me?

If you are moving from Dubai and Abu Dhabi, it is important to have all of your belongings packed into boxes and bags that can be easily moved. If there are any items that are too big or heavy for the movers to carry safely and securely, then we recommend asking them to pack those items for you.

Packers will charge by kilograms so they know what kind of weight they are handling on each trip. If a mover is unable to lift something because it’s too heavy or awkward in shape, he/she doesn’t want to risk damaging anything by trying again later when things have been moved around more frequently (like when a new tenant moves into an apartment).

9. Will They Provide Packing Material? How Much It Will  Cost?

If you are moving, one of the most important things to do is to make sure that your belongings are properly packed. The movers and packers will provide you with packing material so that you can pack your items easily and safely.

However, it is recommended that you take care in choosing the right type of material for each item whether it’s a blanket or an umbrella because these things can be fragile if not handled properly.

It will cost around 400-800 AED per hour depending on its size and weight – this means if I have five boxes full of books then they charge me 1800 AED per box which means they charge me 500 AED/hour each time they move my books into another room (which happens every time).

It’s also important to know how much space we have available at our new place before hiring professionals because there may be some rooms where we need extra help loading stuff into boxes due to lack of space; therefore finding out beforehand would save both parties from unnecessary stress later down the line when trying put everything back together again after moving!

10. Do They Have a Transit Plan For Your Goods During Transportation?

The transit plan is a document that lists the details about how your goods will be transported. It includes information such as the route and schedule, transit agency, and more. The company should have prepared this document before moving your items because it’s their responsibility to make sure everything goes smoothly during transportation.

If you have any questions or need assistance with anything related to movers, we’re happy to help!


By Researching All These Aspects You Can Get An Idea About the Company That You Want To Choose For Moving. Now that you know the most important things, let us take a look at how to choose the best mover in Dubai for your moving needs.

Research: This is the key to choosing a good dubai based mover. You can use the internet to find out about their services and policies, ask friends and family for recommendations, or even go directly to their website if they have one. You need to research all these aspects so that you get an idea about which company will suit your needs best!

We hope that the above provided tips and questions will help you make a smart decision while choosing expert movers and packers in UAE or anywhere in the world.

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