5 Creative Ideas and Tricks For Leftover Moving Boxes

5 Creative Ideas and Tricks For Leftover Moving Boxes

You know with a bit of creativity you can rescue your leftover cardboard moving boxes. It’s a fact that over 90% of items shipped across the world are using cardboard boxes of some sort. If you have good-quality packaging boxes, try utilizing them to make household essentials. These boxes can provide solutions to sort and arrange your household items quite efficiently. Many people opt to get high-quality packaging material from moving companies in Dubai but once used they throw them away. So, here is some DIY trick to use boxes amazingly.

Dinner Circles

If you have a roll of plastic wrap cut it into a small circular rolls and use them to make nice napkin rings. Get your favorite fabric and roll it on the cardboard to make pretty rings to place on your dinner table. You only need double-sided tape to secure the ends.

Stylish Storage

Do you have messy cabinets or want to sort your little accessories? Here is the perfect solution for you. Get the cardboard boxes and make organizers. You can make many different stylish organizers just the one shown below:

For organizing spoons, knives, and kitchenware. You can even put it on your dressing tables to sort your makeup essentials and accessories. 

Use a fabric to cover the box and a nice organizer to put your clothes, towels, and washroom accessories. You can even put your favorite novels. 

Your Mini To-Do Tags

Do you have trouble remembering your tasks? If so, you can use the cardboard cuttings to make pretty little tags. You will have your mini tags to hang anywhere you want and add daily tasks. 

Balcony Planter

If you have some hidden planting skills you can try making cardboard moving boxes to make planters. In the initial stage, the plant can properly grow inside the planter and once it is fully developed you can transfer them into pots.

Arts And Crafts

Used cardboard boxes can be used in art and craft activities. You can make cardboard models, maybe a house or a miniature. You can even use it to paint and make amazing party décor. If you have insulting sheets and used wrapping sheets, you can use these items to make a perfect house model. Get along with your kids or friends and make creative items with the cut-outs. 

Wrapping Up 

From organizers to frames for furniture, used cardboard boxes can be used to utilized to make many creative and useful items. All you need is to get the tapes and a pair of scissors with some decorating collection. 

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